Sparky´s Magic Piano (Sparkyho kouzelný klavír, 1947, 1948, 1961)

sparkys magic pianoKompletní audiokniha. Napsal Alan Livingston. Hudba Billy May.

Vypráví Henry Blair.

Natočeno říjen 1947. Vydal Capitol Records v roce 1948 (3 šelakové desky, 37 min.). Reedice 1961 (3  SP, 45 ot/min.). K poslechu na YouTube.

Pozn.: Sparky’s Magic Piano is the second in a series of children’s audio stories featuring Sparky, an original character created for Capitol Records in 1947. (Sparky also appeared in comic books as a sidekick to Capitol’s other famous creation, Bozo The Clown.) Sparky is a little guy with an overactive imagination. His adventures involve inanimate objects which magically come to life and talk to him.

Lit.: anonym: Sparky´s Magic Piano. In Wikipedia, b. d. (heslo). – Cit.: (…) Sparky is a young child who hates practising the piano. One day, when he expresses his dislike for practicing, the piano talks to him, and tells him that he will show him what it is like to play the piano well, and that all Sparky has to do is run his fingers over the keys, and the piano will play whatever Sparky chooses. Sparky then amazes his mother with his playing, and she calls his piano teacher. The two adults decide to book concerts across the country, with Sparky as a solo pianist. Sparky insists that he must take his own piano with him to all his concerts, and his mother agrees. However, the piano will only play for Sparky for a limited time, and during his biggest concert in New York, after he finishes his repertoire and the audience requests for an encore, time runs out. Sparky begs the piano to play, but it does not respond, and Sparky is reduced to banging helplessly on the keys. He hears his mother calling him, and he awakens and finds himself at home. It then becomes apparent to the listener, and to Sparky, that the entire experience was a dream. But it has given Sparky a new appreciation of the piano, and he vows to keep practising until he can play as well as he did in his dream.  (…)

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