The Test (Test, 2008)

Peter Whalley. Rozhlasová hra. Psychologický thriller. Produkce Pauline Harris.

Osoby a obsazení: John (David Bamber), Sue Newlands (Denise Black), Mike (David Fleeshman), David (Seamus O’Neill), David Fitzpatrick (Seamus O’Neill), detektiv Kirk (Craig Cheetham).

Natočeno 2008. Premiéra 19. 7. 2008 (BBC Radio 4) v cyklu The Saturday Drama. Repríza 18. 1. 2013 (BBC Radio 4, 21:00 h). K poslechu zde.

Lit.: anonym: The Test. In web BBC Radio 4, červene 2008 (anotace). – Cit.: Psychological thriller John Newland’s life is turned upside down when an old murder case. John Newland is again a suspect, but there is the possibility that a DNA test will reveal a truth he has been covering up for 20 years.


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