Watership Down 1/2 (Daleká cesta za domovem, 2002)

Richard Adams. Dramatizace Neville Teller. Hudba Chris Leslie, hraje autor. Režie Peter Leslie Wild.

Osoby a obsazení: Hazel (Simon Chandler), Fiver (Tom George), Bigwig (Stephen Tomlln), Kehaar (Christian Rodska), Strawberry (Christian Rodska), Blackberry (Ian Brooker), Dandelion (Peter Meakin), Silver (Sean Connolly), Chief Rabbit (Robert Lister), Holly (Robert Lister), Cowslip (Colin Rote), Haystack (Susan Jeffrey), Clover (Alison Belbin).

Nastudoval BBC v roce 2002. Premiéra 1. dílu 5. 10. 2002 (BBC Radio 4, 21:00 h.; 60 min.).

Lit.: anonym: Classic Serial: Watership Down. In web BBC Radio 4, 5. 10. 2002 (anotace). – Cit.: A new dramatisation in two episodes by Neville Teller of the classic novel, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its publication. 1: When the prophet Fiver predicts the destruction of theirwarren, not all the rabbits are prepared to listen.  (…)

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