Alarm For Cobra 11 1/??? (Kobra 11, 2011-2014)

Rozhlasová podoba německého TV seriálu. Tvůrci a interpreti nezjištěni.

Nastudoval SBS Radio v roce 2011-2014. Více zde.

Alarm For Cobra 11 S13 Ep12 – Blackout. Natočeno 2014. Premiéra (?) 30. 8. 2014 (SBS) – Susanne König, highway police secretary, has apparently caused a hit-and run car accident. It seems she was blind drunk and absconded after the crash. Susanne had a blackout and can’t remember anything. Numerous facts are revealed to confirm her guilt. TSemir and Ben, however, take sides with Susanne and find themselves in a bitter conflict with their boss. The two set off in search of more evidence and discover that it was not the secretary but an unknown person who was driving the car. But why? Semir and Ben unravel a huge scandal that endangers Susanne’s life. (FromGermany, in German) (Drama Series) M(A,L)

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