Doctor in the House 1/13 (Doktor v domě, 1968)

Richard Gordon. Třináctidílná rozhlasová dramatizace stejnojmenné knihy. Rozhlasová dramatizace a režie Ray Cooney. Produkce David Hatch.

Osoby a obsazení (v různých dílech s alternacemi postav): Simon Sparrow (Richard Briers), Sir Lancelot Sprat (Geoffrey Sumner), Colonel Bryan (Dennis Ramsden), Easter, stevard (Peter Jones), Ginger, Virginia Sprat (Tanya Robinson), dívka (Wendy Hall),  Harris (David Jason), Harry Hawkins, taxikář (Sam Kydd),  Joan Sanderson (Sister Virtue),  Kitty Buckingham (Fenella Fielding),  Lady Sprat (Joan Young),  Lady Westhouse (Frieda Dowey),  Lord Crutchley (Ronald Adam),  Miss Bottomly (Patsy Rowland),  sluha Montravers (Garrard Green),  Mr. Smith (Bill Fraser),  Mr. Stoker (Christopher Denham),  Mrs. Clarke (Irene Handl),  Mrs. Stephens (Gwendolyn Watts), Mrs. Travers, stará lady (Dandy Nichols),  sestra (Rosalind Adams),  sestra Michaelsová (Carole Marsh),  Padre a George (Antony Jackson), Porter, Padre (Dennis McCarthy), Porter, Padre, Adams (Brian Haines),  Rigor Mortis (Alithea Charlton),  Sir Raymond Beecham (Richard Caldicot), sestra (Anne Murray), sestra (Barbara Mitchell), sestra Virtue (Joan Sanderson), sestra  Virtue (Kathleen Helm),  sestra, babička (Beth Boyd),  Stanley (Robin Davis),  Taffy Evans, číšník (Edward Cast),  děkan (John LeMesurier),  vévoda (Howard Marion Crawford), matka (Mary Head), padre (Michael Deacon), sekretář, Sir Mortimer Huckston (Erik Chitty),  Tony Benskin (Ray Cooney),  Vera, Matron, Wendy Swithinbank (Norma Ronald). Dále hrají Stanley Baxter, Miriam Margoyles, Joan Sims, Gwendoline Watts, Marjorie Westbury a další.

Za účasti publika živě natočilo BBC Radio 4 v roce 1968. (13 dílů 25-26 min., celkem asi 5:33 hod.). Premiéra 25. 6. 1968 – 17. 9. 1968. Repríza 8. 12. 2009 – 23. 2. 2010 (BBC Radio 7 – vždy každé úterý).

Obsah dílů:
Episode 1 – St Swithin’s – Simon Sparrow registers to join St Swithin’s and makes an immediate impression with Sir Lancelot Spratt.
Episode 2 – Digs – Medic Simon Sparrow gets saddled with vampish landlady, Mrs Robinson.
Episode 3 – Anatomy – More medical mayhem, as student medic Simon Sparrow struggles with dissecting bodies.
Episode 4 – In the Wards – Unleashed on the patients, the medics are unprepared for the formidable Sister Virtue.
Episode 5- Our First Operation – Sir Lancelot Spratt causes alarm for medic Simon Sparrow in the operating theatre.
Episode 6 – Sex and St Swithins – Medic Simon Sparrow breaks hospital rules by flirting with a pretty new nurse.
Episode 7 – Our First Baby – Medic Simon Sparrow is thrown in the deep-end, on St Swithins‘ antenatal ward.
Episode 8 – Happy Christmas – The Dean asks Sparrow, Evans and Benskin to organise St Swithin’s festivities.
Episode 9 – Out-Patients – Sparrow misdiagnoses a boil and Taffy keeps volunteering for night-shifts.
Episode 10 – Money Troubles – With their microscopes in at the pawnbroker, the young medics need cash in a hurry.
Episode 11 – Women and Wine – Medic Simon Sparrow’s efforts to get a date for the hospital ball turn to chaos.
Episode 12 – Marriage-itis – Medic Simon Sparrow must cope with both his hangover and a bad case of cold feet.
Episode 13 – To Pass or Not to Pass – It’s nerves and pints all round as the St Swithin’s medics take their finals.
Pozn.: Following in his father´s footsteps, Simon Sparrow registers as a doctor-to-be at St Swithin´s but soon gets on the wrong side of Sir Lancelot Spratt.
Starring Richard Briers, Ray Cooney and John Le Mesurier and dramatised by Ray Cooney for radio in 1968 from Dr. Gordon Ostlere´s (written under the pen-name of Richard Gordon) account of situations from his own experiences.

Doctor in the House was a hilarious programme that was staged in a teaching hospital. Based on the novel by Richard Gordon, Doctor in the House was full of humour – from nurse chasing to examme-room hilarity. Richard Briers played Simon Sparrow and Geoffrey Sumner played Sir Lancelot Spratt. So get ready to bust open those stitches, because you will be laughing non-stop throughout the doctor’s visit.

Richard Gordon’s acceptance into St Swithan’s medical school came as no surprise to anyone, least of all him – after all, he had been to public school, played first XV rugby, and his father was, let’s face it, ‚a St Swithan’s man’. Surely he was set for life. It was rather a shock then to discover that, once there, he would actually have to work, and quite hard. Fortunately for Richard Gordon, life proved not to be all dissection and textbooks after all… This hilarious hospital comedy is perfect reading .

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