Boswell’s Lives 1/8 (Boswellovy Životy, 2015-2016, 2016)

Jon Canter. Rozhlasový seriál. Režie Sally Avens.

Osoby a obsazení: Boswell (Miles Jupp), Freud (Henry Goodman), Callas (Arabella Weir), Pinter (Harry Enfield), Boris Johnson (Alistair McGowan).

Nastudoval BBC Radio 4 v roce 2016. Vydalo BBC 5. 5. 2016 (1 CD MP3).

Česká inscenace


I. série: Obsah: 1. Boswell’s Life of Freud. Repríza 18. 3. 2017 (BBC Radio 4 Extra, 5:30 h) – 2. Boswell’s Life of Callas. Repríza 25. 3. 2017 (BBC Radio 4 Extra, 5:30 h) – 3. Boswell’s Life of Pinter. Repríza 1. 4. 2017 (BBC Radio 4 Extra, 5:30 h.) – 4. Boswell’s Life of Johnson. Premiéra 23. 5. 2015 (BBC Radio 4 Extra, 5:30 h).

II. série: 1. Boswell’s Life of Muhammad Ali. Premiéra 21. 3. 2016 (BBC Radio 4, 11:30 h.) – 2. Boswell´s Life of Marx. Premiéra 28. 3. 2016 (BBC Radio 4, 11:30 h). – 3. Boswell’s Life of Madonna. Premiéra 4. 4. 2016 (BBC Radio 4, 11:30 h). – 4. Boswell’s Life of Bennett. Premiéra 11. 4. 2016 (BBC Radio 4, 11:30 h).

Pozn.: Miles Jupp stars as James Boswell in four fantastic episodes of Jon Canter’s BBC Radio 4 comedy.

‚A work of genius‘ Radio Times

James Boswell, Dr Johnson’s celebrated biographer, turns time traveller to pursue other legends to immortalise in this award-winning comedy series. Hampered by his own pomposity and self-importance, he finds that his subjects get the better of him – with hilarious consequences.

Interviewing Sigmund Freud, Boswell is wrong-footed when Freud asks all the questions, and on meeting Maria Callas (and her poodle) he becomes caught up in an opera of his own making. While talking to Harold Pinter he finds himself the victim of a betrayal, and Boris Johnson proves to be a formidable opponent – especially on the whiff-whaff table.

Written by acclaimed comedy author Jon Canter, this hugely entertaining series won the Prix Europa for Best European Radio Series of the Year. It stars Miles Jupp as Boswell, with Henry Goodman as Freud, Arabella Weir as Callas, Harry Enfield as Pinter and Alistair McGowan as Boris Johnson.

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