Catch My Breath 1/5 (Popadnout dech, 2007)

Marty Ross. Hrůzostrašný příběh. Produkce Bruce Young.

Osoby a obsazení: Kate (Claire Knight), Colleen (Suzanne Donaldson), Strachan (Liam Brennan), Old Strachan (John Shedden), Donnie (Lewis Howden), Isla (Eileen McCallum), Octavia (Lucy Patterson), DC Carbeth (James Bryce), WPC Briggs (Jill Riddiford), Dennis (Finlay McLean).

Nastudoval BBC 7 – BBC Radio Scotland v roce 2007. Premiéra 2. dílu 11. 12. 2007 (BBC Radio 7, 18:00 h).

Lit.: anonym: Marty Ross – Catch My Breath. Episode 1. In web BBC Radio 4 Extra, září 2018 (anotace). – Cit.:  On the run from a women’s prison in the Scottish Highlands, Kate and Colleen are given refuge in a vast country mansion by a charming but rather enigmatic host, Adam Strachan. It could be a decision they come to regret… The storyline for Marty Ross’s supernatural five-part thriller is based around the notion, found in old Scottish folk tales, of the Beatha Greimach – literally ‚The Breath Thief‘ – a celtic demon said to lure victims into a kiss which would drain the soul from their bodies.


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